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the eleventh woodlanders embroidery pattern...

Aren't birch trees the most lovely things? Yes, they have been seen as a "trend" which means they supposedly lose their magic, but I think they should be here to stay. Actually, I've always loved them.

We used to have several in our front yard, and my grandpa has always had them in his yard. When I was little I loved peeling the papery bark. But then, apparently the trees in our yard were a bit impertinent. They went and died, just to mess with us!

Fear not! You can stitch up this birch log and it will be here to stay. Download the PDF pattern here.


  1. Aww, it's beautiful! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  2. We have two birch trees and I had NO idea they weer trendy. I just love 'em! Your impertinent birch calendar has been our desktop for a bout a week now. It's the best. :)


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