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the virtue of responsibility...

I was thinking that I'm overdue for another Virtues pattern, and I asked around the house for what I should do next. My mom reminded me of this story from Sunday:

This month, the kids in our church's children's ministry are learning about responsibility. When my mom asked the kids in her group for an example of being responsible, one girl told her about how her parents have given her the job of putting away her soccer gear when she gets home. She never remembered, and always dropped it inside the door of their utility room. She was told that if she continued to drop her messy gear in the utility room, that the consequence would be that she would have to scrub the floor of the entire utility room.

Guess what? She forgot about her responsibility and then had to scrub the floor (after all, it was mostly her mess!). It took over an hour. She explained that she'll never forget to put her gear away again. This was a lesson in responsibility.

And so, in honor of this sweet little dear, I have for you Responsibility:

Responsibility - a free pattern

Click on the image to get the embroidery pattern full-sized on Flickr. Stitch responsibly!


  1. Good timing, my daughter and I needed a "responsibility" reminder:) This will be perfect, thanks!

  2. p.s. I saw that you were homeschooled, I homeschool our little one, it's nice to see someone representing in a good crafty way!

  3. Dude - so cute! :) It reminds me of cinderella, somehow. :) She was one responsible chick! lol.

  4. Thank you so much! Too adorable!

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Are there other virtue patterns, and if so how would I access them? This one is aforable.

  6. I am terrible about labeling things, but I went back and tagged all of the Virtues patterns. Hope that helps, and Thank YOU!!!!


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