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these ladies are the best...

May is the first month that I've offered sponsorship here on Wild Olive, and I'm really happy that I did. As you may know, sponsor spots are open only to blogs, and today I'd light to share a little bit about the blogs, and the lovely ladies behind them, that are supporting me. Do me a favor and take some time to visit them all. They are the best!

green bean studio...

Green Bean Studio is the blog of Katie Green. Katie and I "met" on Flickr when I commented on her drawing of herself in a Totoro towel. Come on, a Totoro towel? I could tell that she was someone I would like. And I was right. Katie is a gifted illustrator, a talented crafter, and a really nice person. She recently started a zine called The Green Bean, and I'm excited to say that I'll be contributing to a future issue.

scissor quirk...

Scissor Quirk is Michelle Clement's blog. I can't tell you exactly when I first saw Michelle's work (on Etsy), but I can say that I was instantly in love. On her blog she shares all kinds of wonderful. Crafty stuff, scrapbooking stuff, and my personal favorite...piratey stuff. Oh yes.

I just might...

I Just Might Explode is where you'll find Kara Haupt. It's really difficult to think that Kara is just finishing high school. She is a successful scrapbooker, crafter, photographer, and really, quite charming. This year, Kara is sharing a list that she calls "DO." Each week (or something close to that) she does something from the list. Something important. Something fun. The point is to do.

Just recently, two more blogs signed up, so this is their first introduction!

sew tara...

SewTara is Tara's delightful crafty blog, and I'm so happy that she found me! Tara makes some really, really cute stuff, and yes, I'm a little (read: so very) jealous of her sewing skills. She recently survived her first two craft shows, which is no small feat! Be sure to do some exploring on her blog, because wait until you see what she did with an IKEA table runner!

letters mingle souls...

Letters Mingle Souls is a blog of two friends. Blair and Robin have joined up to create some fun new things for their shop, and they've started a blog to accompany it. (Blair has been a customer of mine, and she's come up with a few of the ideas behind some of my illustration sets.) I really love that they are already working for a cause; the green ribbon is part of a project to help raise funds for a friend going through chemo.

Thank you soooo much ladies! I really, really appreciate you!


  1. hi mollie
    i sent you an email regarding sponsors - i hope you received it!!! if not can you let me know (victoriacanning@hotmail.co.uk). love these sponsors - so fab xx

  2. Aw thanks for saying lovely things about me Mollie (I'd actually forgotten that we met over the Totoro towl! Have you seen Panda Kopanda? Its a reallo old Ghibli film, before Totoro, and I think you'd really like it).

    I've loved exploring your other sponsors' blogs too :)


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