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pattern // august's jar of peach jam

2019 August Jam of the Month EmbroideryPattern

I could not wait to stitch this month's free peach jam embroidery pattern! This latest pattern in the Jam of the Month Stitching Club was calling to me with its pretty colors and kawaii peach. It look me a little longer to get it finished, but it's actually stitched for you to see!

The golden peach jam color (both in this pattern and in real jam) feels like a jewel to me. Almost like the better version of topaz, which is my birthstone, which was also last year's free stitching club.

But let's get to this latest pattern!

As a side note, one of my favorite ways to enjoy peach jam is on a wafflewich. I don't know where I originally learned this yummy sandwich recipe, but it's easy, fun, and tasty. Here's the summary:

1. Toast two toaster waffles, then butter one side of each.

2. Spread one waffle with peach jam and the other with honey mustard.

3. Add turkey or ham and your favorite cheese (I love cheddar or provologne).

4. Heat on a griddle until the waffles start to brown and crisp and the cheese gets melty.

Yum! (This is also tasty with raspberry jam, but we're all about the peaches this month!)


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