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pattern // hexagon tinies marshmallows on a stick

Just a quick post today so you can download today's free pattern. Tomorrow I'll be sharing how I like to make my embroidered hexagons, as well as showing an alternate way to do so. I'm having way too much fun working with these little patterns!

If today is the first time you've found the Hexagon Tinies patterns, download your marshmallows on a stick, then click the "Hexagon Tinies" label at the bottom of this (or any!) post this month, and you'll find all of the patterns so far.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Very cute, thanks Mollie!

  2. You're drawings are always so cute! You are so creative!

  3. Darling as always.

  4. Yay, my girlies are going to love this! I'm working on teaching them the basic stitches with fun, easy graphics so that we can make a patchwork pillow with all their little creations at the end of Summer.


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