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find me in mollie makes issue 54

Mollie Makes // issue 54

Sometimes I forget to tell you about the places you can find my handiwork, but this month is too fun to not share. The delightful team at Mollie Makes magazine (no relation to this Mollie) invited me to create some patterns for their Etsy Takeover issue, and of course I said yes.

If you look in the upper right corner you can see a happy little strawberry. That's my design! And then if you flip to page 94 there are two pages of sweet stitches (which I stitched faster than anything I've ever stitched before!). Don't miss out on your chance to pick up these exclusive Wild Olive motifs!

Oh, and as part of the Etsy Takeover, Mollie Makes asked me a few questions about my Etsy shop, and I was happy to give them a behind the scenes look. Go give it a look!

And are you ready for the next of the Hexagon Tinies? It's a little crayon box! Download the file, size it how you need it (for an ideal 1-inch hexagon, size the square frame to 2 inches), print, and stitch!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Thank You for all these cute deigns! I also had a question, Do you have a hashtag on Instagram? I've searched some and haven't really seen anything. TY- whitney

  2. Congrats on your feature in Mollie Makes. The strawberry is so cute, and the crayon box too!

  3. Lovely work! Congrats on your feature on Mollie Makes! I would be walking on cloud 9 ;) I read your about page and your "10 things I love" are pretty much my loves except for embroidery because I don't know how to :( Cheers! Ursula

  4. You are so talented! Glad you are getting the recognition.


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