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It's August! It's time for new Kawaii Crossing Wallpaper!

This month, we're welcoming Meg the Monkey to the crew. Meg happens to really enjoy ice cream. So much so that she runs the local gourmet ice cream cart. Everyday she has different flavors to offer with all kinds of toppings, but sprinkles are her favorite. Again, we're not just talking your basic jimmies. These are the fancy kind that look like magic on a dessert.

Speaking of ice cream, I absolutely love making my own varieties of ice cream. They are all always no-churn ice cream, which is so easy and so delicious. There are tons of recipes out there for no-churn ice cream, but I've also had a lot of fun mixing in things like brownie bit and toasted coconut, crushed malted milk balls, and maraschino cherries with almond extract. Highly recommended!

But now, let's get to these wallpapers. Grab the size you need for your screen below!

Before I go, yes, I know that as I post this it's August 2. And that in July I was also posting the wallpaper late. I'm not going to let this actually be a trend. But I am going to boldly go into August with few expectations on myself. It's okay for you to do the same.

In fact, back in the heyday of blogging, there was a thing that many bloggers did called The August Break. This was back in the post on your blog almost every day era, when social media was not the place for primary content. During The August Break folks would either post nothing or they would post minimal things like photos with a brief caption (like old-school Instagram!). I love this idea as much now as I did then. And while I'm not entirely pressing pause this month, I'm trying to mentally give myself room to breathe.

And maybe enjoy a scoop of ice cream from Meg!

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  1. Thank you! I love Meg and ice cream and August breaks too! 🙂🐵


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