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calendar // kay the kitty wallpaper

Do you love sushi? I'm more of a vegetarian sushi sort of person, but this month's Kawaii Crossing resident is Kay the Kitty and she prefers the fishiest sushi she can get. She loves making it. She loves eating it. She even loves sushi-themed art, accessories, and games. I suppose we shouldn't be suprised!

Speaking of games, I recently played Sushi Roll, the dice game version of the now-classic game Sushi Go, and it was so much fun! That maaaaaayyyy be why I added a dumpling into this month's calendar. When I see cute things, I'm inspired. But my playing this game was NOT what inspired Kay the Kitty. Nope...she was all planned as a sushi lover and the game timing just worked out!

I love when things happen that way.

Now I just have to think about the idea of one Kawaii Crossing resident eating formerly living things. I suppose fish aren't walking around in this town, so it's okay? Maybe it's best not to think about it. For now, grab the wallpaper size you need below.


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    So, so cute!

  2. Alisha11:08 AM

    Thank you! Love your wallpapers...always my lockscreen 🙂💗


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