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project // easter egg felt "stockings"

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

As my grandpa used to say, Easter time is a time for joy and a time for joy is Easter time! Or in this case, it's a time for a fun way to give Easter treats to your family! These felt Easter eggs are designed to hang in your home like stockings, but it's the Easter bunny who fills them with a favorite candy or two.

Recently on an episode of The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley and I were talking about some of our favorite make-in-a-day projects, and I mentioned simple felt stockings. Specifically I mentioned the non-Christmas heart stockings I made (as well as the Halloween pumpkins, which do take a little longer...though not much!). I also talked about how my mom has wanted an Easter version for awhile.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

If this all seems really strange to you, let me explain. All of the "kids" in my family are pretty much grown up. There's no need for big Easter baskets or loads of treats for other holidays either. But my mom still loves to do something, and these small "stockings" create an opportunity for that. For Easter, that might mean a chocolate bunny or a bag of your favorite gummies. Maybe a new lip balm or a Lego Minifig. But the treats are always small, light, and easy to fit into a little themed pouch that hangs on the hooks that we use for Christmas stockings.

Anyway, I told Haley that I'd been thinking of making pouches shaped like baskets, but I wasn't sold on it. And she very simply said "or you could do eggs?" And I felt ridiculous because of course that's what they should be.

So here we are. And now I have made five colorful felt Easter egg "stockings". There's one for each "kid" who still lives here (that includes me, but not my brother who got married and moved across the country...he just misses out now...ha! Sorry if you're reading this, Anders!).

Now that I've explained this concept, who wants to make some felt eggs to hang up for the Easter bunny to deliver something sweet? Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

You will need:

Wool-blend felt in Easter egg colors (these colors all came from Benzie)
Ribbon or other trim
Scrap of black fabric
Scrap of paper-backed fusible web
Crafty decorations (optional)
Fabric glue (also optional)
Sewing machine -OR- Embroidery floss and needle


Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Tape the two pieces of the egg template together and use that to cut out two egg shapes from felt. Do this for all of the eggs you are making.

Cut along the dotted line and use that as a template to split the back egg piece in two. Repeat for each egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Cut a piece of ribbon to about 7" long and fold it in half. Pin the ribbon between the layers of felt on the top of the egg.

You can place it wherever you want so the eggs hang how you like them. I went for hanging at an angle, but it would be cute right at the top too!

Pin around the egg shape.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Sew around the entire egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Trace the face pieces onto the paper side of the fusible web. Iron it to the back of your black fabric scrap.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Cut out the face pieces, peel off the paper backing, and arrange them on the front of the egg how you like them. You'll find that changing the placement and spacing makes a big difference!

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Iron the faces to the felt egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

For our eggs, I kept them plain and added them to the fireplace mantle right away.

But you can decorate your Easter eggs with things like buttons, felt shapes, sequins, and more. Fabric glue will do the trick! Just be careful not to use too much glue so it soaks through. You can also place a piece of waxed paper between the layers to avoid the glue sticking the layers together.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

On Easter, each egg will have a special treat or two inside!

My family loves having fun little decorations like this that welcome a holiday and also serve a purpose. Plus, they store flat, which is always a bonus!

Happy Easter Crafting!


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