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project // woven cross stitchable ornament

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Today I'm sharing a simple little project that you can print and stitch for yourself, with your kids, or even share it with a group of students at your church! With Easter coming soon, this stitchable cross is a great reminder of what Jesus did to extend forgiveness to each one of us. You can hang it up as an ornament or use it as a bookmark!

You will need:
Large Tapestry Needle
Yarn or Embroidery Thread
Hole Punch


Woven Cross Stitching Card

Cut out the cross shape. Use the needle to pre-poke the holes marked by dots.

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Cut a piece of yarn or embroidery thread that's a little longer than your entire arm. Thread it through your needle and tie a knot at the other end.

Come up through one of the holes near the edge. Stitch from bottom to top and top to bottom. Be careful not to pull the stitches too tight. End with a knot.

Woven Cross Stitching Card
Woven Cross Stitching Card

With a fresh piece of yarn, stitch from left to right and right to left. As you stitch, weave the yarn over and under the vertical stitches. Once again, try to keep the tension even on the stitches and then end with a knot.

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Finish by punching a hole at the top and adding a hanging loop or a tassle if you want to use it as a bookmark.

For mine, I used two colors of yarn so the weaving was easy to see, but you can do this all in one color or with variegated thread! I also would suggest printing the templates on the heaviest weight cardstock you have. That will give it a bit more structure so it's easier to stitch without it bending.

These would also be pretty printed on colored cardstock...or even traced onto balsa wood! Ooh, yes...now I want to try that.

The real point here though is a cross that is decorated, but empty. It's a cross that reminds us of God's ultimate act of love, that didn't end with pain and death, but with new life! May this easy little craft bring joy and meaning to your Easter and your every day.


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