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calendar // a lovely envelope house february wallpaper

What kind of house do we have for February? Why, an envelope, of course! I chose this because, well...Valentine's Day. But I think that mailing something thoughtful any time is always a lovely idea.

The Kawaii Crossing resident who lives here likes writing cards and letters. They probably also collect stamps. And full disclosure, I picture them a little bit as my friend Kimberly. She has the best handwriting, always gets creative when addressing envelopes, and she even makes cards and artwork with old stamps!

I, on the other hand, am usually terrible about mailing things. Will I remember to mail even a single Valentine this year? only time will tell.

But at least I remembered to make these wallpapers, so let's start there.

And with any luck, I'll get some patterns to go along with this ready soon so there can be some Valentine stitching and other crafting too...


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