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DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

The whole world has been spending a lot more time at home, and I decided to celebrate houses and homes with a happy little home softie! I'm making this as part of Sew a Softie month, which is all about making simple soft toys with kids. The idea here is for kids to learn how to make their own softies with simple stitches. 

Want to make your own felt home? It's really easy and you only need a few basic supplies. 

It helps to know two stitches to make this project: running stitch and back stitch. Also, through the whole project, you'll work with all six strands of embroidery floss. No need to separate them!

You will need:

Felt (I like Benzie Design felt, which is where this scallop printed felt came from)
Embroidery Floss
Small Black Buttons (or Safety Eyes)
Stuffing (Many thanks to Fairfield for providing the Poly-fil for this project!)
Pins or Sewing Clips (if you want!)

  DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

Use the pattern templates to cut out two rectangle house pieces,  two roof pieces,  one chimney, two windows, one door, one heart, and one doorknob. 

If you don't have scallop-printed felt like mine, you can use plain felt or some other print.

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

Use black embroidery floss to stitch the mouth with back stitch. Sew on two black buttons for eyes. You can also use safety eyes if you like!

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie  

Place each house rectangle behind the bottom of each roof piece. The edges should overlap about 1/2". It can be helpful to pin or clip these in place as you stitch.

 DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie  

Stitch along the edge of the roof with running stitch. You only need to stitch where the felt overlaps.

  DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

On the front piece, use running stitch to sew the windows and door in place. Stitch around the outside of the windows and sew just one side of the door. 

  DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

Use long back stitches to make the dividers on the windows. Stitch the doorknob on the door with a small X.

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie 

Lift the door and stitch the heart to the front of the house with running stitch. Of course, this is optional, but home is where the heart is!

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie 

Pin or hold the front and back of the house together. Start just under the roof and stitch around the outside with running stitch.

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie  

When you reach the top of the house, place the chimney between the layers, and then keep sewing. Your stitches should go through all the layers so the chimney stays in place.

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

When you get to the bottom of the house, be sure to lift the door so that you only stitch through the house. This way you can still open the door!

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie  

When you get back to the side of the house where you started sewing, but before you sew all the way around, add some stuffing to your softie. You don't need to add too much...just enough to make it soft and squishy!

Finish sewing and end the embroidery floss off with a knot.

DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie 

Now your home softie is all finished and ready for you to hug and hold! 

I didn't think about this when I started making this project, but as I opened the door to reveal the heart for the photos, I remembered the words of a song:

Let my love open the door...to your heart.

That's just what you can do when you play with this little house! I like to think of staying home (and wearing a mask when going out) as ways to show love to those around me and those who are at least six feet away. So being safe can open the door. 

Maybe that came out a little cheesy, but showing love is anything but cheesy.

  DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie DIY Home is Where the Heart Is Softie

Also, I just really like staying home. It's true.

If you enjoyed making this simple softie with your kids (or by yourself!) be sure to check out more from Sew a Softie! And when you make this or other softies, share your photos and tag them #sewasoftie. I look forward to seeing what you make!


  1. I live in a Retirement Center and usually make little homemade items for Christmas gifts for the residents. This year I am making little houses out of quilting material and painted wooden stars gold to attach to the front of them and putting a pin on the back. Thought I would put on the container that will hold them until I give them away in December. You are receiving a GOLD STAR for quarantining in your apartment...

    1. What a wonderful idea! It must be especially difficult to be isolated right now and I love how you're looking to bring joy to all the residents!

  2. Thank you Mollie, one year I made cloth Christmas pins or they could be hung on a tree with ribbon. Each year I try and think of something, just to give staff or residents a small surprise. Last year made jar/water bottle opener. It also works good in your kitchen sink as it had a plastic backing for a scrubby. In March I made 6 dozen face masks and gave them away.

  3. So cuuuuuute! I love Sew a Softie! Thanks for contributing!


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