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calendar // january's kawaii crossing wallpapers

Welcome to (almost!) 2020 and a new theme for Wild Olive freebie patterns and wallpapers! I've been having so much fun planning out this year's designs, which I'm calling Kawaii Crossing. Based on an idea I had a few years ago, this happy little downtown is a mix of Sanrio, Animal Crossing, and Busy Town, all with a Wild Olive spin.

You may have seen my About the Town Stitching Club from a few years ago, and this is similar in feeling, but also a little different. In Kawaii Crossing, the shops and restaurants all look like the things they are selling! This idea also goes back to a few patterns I shared in an online class from nearly 10 years ago. Sometimes it feels like everything is coming together...

Patterns and other cuteness will be coming your way soon, but let's kick this off with some wallpapers for your digital devices!

To begin, we have the town's sewing shop! Here you'll find fabric, thread, sewing machines and lots of patterns. It's based on a store I used to go to with my mom when I was little, called The Golden Thimble. I mean, the original shop didn't look like an actual thimble, but it should have because that would be amazing. But I can still picture the rows of fabric and the drawers filled with patterns. I may also still remember being asked to stop playing with the drawers of embroidery floss, but that's a tale for another day.

For now, download and enjoy these one-size-fits-most calendars!

I am so excited about what's coming. There's stitching in more than one way, including several potential big projects. And maaaaaybe some paper crafts too! Here's to a cute new year!


  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Yay! So excited for a new year of projects!

  2. Thank you! These are SO CUTE!

  3. Can’t wait!!! Looks so fun.


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