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project // loved coffee cuff with stencil cutting file

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

Remind someone (even yourself!) that they are loved with this easy freezer paper-stenciled coffee cuff! It's fast and easy to make, especially with the free SVG cutting file and a cutting machine.

You don't need to have a cutting machine though. You can hand cut the stencil for almost the same effect. Or, use the PDF template as an embroidery pattern and stitch a loved coffee cuff!

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

You will need:

A basic felt or fabric coffee cuff
Freezer paper
Cutting machine -OR - a pencil and craft knife
Acrylic paint
Stencil brush or foam paint dauber



For this project, I used the same sleeve base as I did for my Serious Crafter coffee cuff (scroll down in that post to grab the download and simple instructions). But you can use your favorite pattern and just apply my stencil.

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

Use the SVG cutting file on a cutting machine to cut out a crisp freezer paper stencil. The stencil should face the right way on the non-shiny side.

If you don't have a cutting machine, trace the PDF version of the pattern onto freezer paper. Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the design.

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

Iron the stencil onto the coffee cuff.

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

Dab paint onto the stencil and sleeve. Let the first coat of paint dry, then add a second coat.

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

Peel away the stencil to reveal the design!

Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff
Loved Stenciled Coffee Cuff

I made this design so I could make gifts for some special people. I want them to know that they are loved, and I want you to know the same thing.

You are loved by me. I know we may not have met in real life or even exchanged emails or comments on social media. But I truly care about you.

And bigger than that, you are loved by Jesus. He created you and you have value. You are loved no matter what.


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