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calendar // february cherry preserves wallpapers

When it was time to choose a jam for the month of February, I HAD to go with cherries for these wallpapers (and the other goodies I'll share soon). Cherries are pink and red like Valentine's Day and they remind me of George Washington, who's birthday was this month. So here we have some February cherry preserves!

It's probably also appropriate that they are preserves, as I seem to desperately want to preserve time these days. And with a short month like February, that gets difficult. So I guess we'll just be holding onto cherries in a jar instead of time in a bottle.

Okay, so how about some shelves filled with jam for your digital devices?

Add these calendar wallpapers to your computer, phone, or tablet for a cherry sweet February!


  1. Bellos! Como siempre. Gracias por compartir ❤

  2. I love your blog so much!


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