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looking back // 2018 in review

2018 Review

At this time of year, you see a lot of "top nine" posts popping up on Instagram. You can see mine above, but I wanted to do a little more here on my blog to look back at 2018. You see, I'm really good at keeping track of the things I didn't get done and feeling bad about them. But I forget about the stuff I did accomplish.

Do you do this too? Seriously, I get down on myself. And that's not helpful. So that's why I put together this list. Not to show off. But to celebrate good things. I'd encourage you to do the same. Look back over your year and celebrate the blessings of work, leisure, people, projects, food, fun, and more.

Ready for my list? Here's a look back at why I'm so tired as the year comes to a close. In 2018, I...

Kawaii Unicorn Dreams Pattern
Silly Sushi Hand Embroidery Pattern
Sending Christmas Cuteness

  • released 3 new patterns, including an advent calendar with 25 patterns in it

  • Wild Olive Birthstone Stitching Club

  • made and gave away 12 free gemstone embroidery patterns

  • DIY Needle Minder Keeper
    Happy House Enamel Pin

  • designed a new needle minder for Cloud Craft and a pin for The Pink Samurai

  • Tooth Fairy Pillow
    Christmas Tree Scarf Free Crochet Pattern
    Succulent Terrarium Free Embroidery Pattern
    Sylvia Poncho Wrap Knitting Pattern

  • created or updated ~90 posts for The Spruce Crafts, including designing my first knit and crochet patterns

  • Birthday Cake Crown
    Felt Leprechaun Doll
    Kawaii Bow Gift Topper

  • designed 25 crafts for Handmade Charlotte

  • Simply Sewing Magazine
    Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

  • stitched 12 embroidery projects for Simply Sewing Magazine

  • designed 4 cross stitch charts for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

  • The Very Serious Crafts Podcast - Season 1 Episode 19

  • started The Very Serious Crafts Podcast and became great friends with Haley from Red Handled Scissors and Heidi from Hands Occupied

  • released 19 episodes of said podcast, including a new episode out today

  • Secret Stitching on Denim

  • designed and made 8 secret projects for some secret somethings, which I look forward to sharing in 2019

  • Mollie, Katie, and Anna in Paris!

    In addition to these, there were more posts and projects I didn't even count. I traveled to a few fun places, spent time with incredible family and friends, made personal projects and gifts, volunteered with amazing people, ate yummy food, and laughed and cried through it all.

    What a full year, filled with God's blessings! Thank you so much for spending this year with me. I truly appreciate every view, comment, pin, click, and share.

    May your new year be filled with good things and lots of creativity!


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