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calendar // summer-loving guinea pigs

And just like that, it's June. And while I would have happily accepted a bit more May or even April, it seems that Captain Cuddles and Lieutenant Nibbles are ready for summer. They've got their piggy sunglasses and pineapple drinks ready. Before long, I suppose I'll be sporting a similar look!

At least for now, my screens and yours can feature my favorite guinea pigs in their summer garb. Grab your wallpapers here and they should fit most devices.

Before May is too far in the rearview mirror, here are a few posts that I shared elsewhere last month!

Fingerprint Portrait Keychain

Father's Day will be here before long, and this keychain is a project that you can make with your kids as a gift for dad. The fingerprint portraits are fun and easy, and you'll find the tutorial at Hello Bee.

Fathers Day Fry Box

Need some fries to go with that shake? Err...wait...no. Need a card to go with that gift? Yeah, that's better! Head to Handmade Charlotte to find this printable french fry card that you can customize with all of the things you love about your dad!

Summer Border & Corner Patterns

Get ready for summer with embroidered borders and corners! These free patterns at The Spruce come in three styles and they're perfect for stitching along the edge of your picnic linens.

T-Shirt Embroidery

Or if you want to add some of those summer borders to the hem of a t-shirt, you'll also find my post on how to embroider on tees and other stretchy fabrics over on The Spruce. There are a few stabilizer methods to choose from, so you can find your favorite!

Happy June Crafting to you!


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