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now available // wild olive transfer patterns

Wild Olive Transfer Patterns

Back in 2008 I released my first sets of PDF embroidery patterns. I love PDF patterns because they arrive nearly instantly, you can adjust the sizing, and print as many as you want. Over the years, many people have asked how to work with them (I have a whole list of ways!), and many want to know if there will ever be Wild Olive transfer patterns.

And transfer patterns are here at last!

This is (obviously) new for me, so I'm trying it out and seeing how it goes. Starting with a few pattern packs and growing from there.

Having transfer patterns made, especially when you have a library of over 100 pattern sets, is a big deal. And I'm a small, very small, one-person business. The logistics were more than I could handle on my own. But then, Jenn from Stitcharama contacted me about working together. What an answer to this long-thought-on question of transfers!

Wild Olive Transfer Patterns

I had previously tried out Stitcharama's iron-transfer patterns, and was really pleased with the results. So I feel so good about having them create these patterns for you.

Wild Olive transfer patterns are packaged a little differently than most patterns like this. Instead of buying a single pattern set, they come in packs that are combined by theme. Why did I make the decision to do it this way? Well, it's so that you can ultimately get the best price per page of patterns.

As PDFs, these patterns cost $4.00 per set. By grouping them into sets, I can bring you the sets at a similar cost. Selling them separately would have been significantly higher. I know that might sound strange, but it's how these things go.

Wild Olive Transfer Patterns
Wild Olive Transfer Patterns

To start, there are three packages of patterns: Teeny Tiny Transfers, Christmas Transfers, and Fun Foods Transfers, each with 7-8 pages. AND, the patterns are reusable a few times!

I'm hoping to add collections of animal patterns and creative crafty patterns soon. If you have any requests for collections, feel free to let me know!

And since we're getting close to Christmas, you should know that if you order right away, pattern orders should arrive in time for the holiday. If you want, you can even have them shipped directly to your recipient with a note from you!

Now head over to Stitcharama to take a closer look. Yaaaaayyyy for transfer patterns!

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  1. Hooray! I am excited for your transfers! Now I can stitch your lovely designs much quicker.


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