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printable // kawaii apple coloring picture

Apple Coloring Picture

For those of you who are enjoying the coloring craze, or for those with kids who might need some quiet time, I thought it would be a good time to share a free printable page. I had thought about doing one with all kinds of fall things, but decided to go with apples. They're still fall, right? And even though it's mid-October, we'll still be enjoying apples for a while.

The decision for apples happened when I started to plan a little gathering, with apples as the theme. But let me back up just a bit.

This summer I volunteered to help out one week in the middle school ministry at my church. I did so hesitantly, but thought it would be good to serve. By the end of the service, I was starting to think I should help more, and soon after that I signed up to be a small group leader for girls in 6th grade.

What I thought would be about an hour and a half of my life has turned into every Sunday plus extra things. And I love it. I love the girls I'm working with and the time we spend together.

One of those extra things is what I'm calling an Apple Gala, which is really just a fancy way of saying "let's get together and make caramel apple bowls (like a sundae, but with apples instead of ice cream), play games, and have fun. It seemed appropriate to make a coloring picture in my Wild Olive style.

That's also why there's a verse on the picture, and the verse is actually a prayer, asking God to "keep me as the apple of your eye." Truth: I had to look up what this phrase "apple of your eye" really means. If you're like me and aren't 100% sure, it's this: the apple of the eye is another way of saying the pupil of the eye. It's the most sensitive part, and therefore it's precious and the part you would protect the most.

Psalm 17:8 is asking God for protection. It's asking God to hold you as something precious. And He does.

I hope this coloring page will be a comfort and hope to the girls in my group, and to you as well. And if you'd prefer the version without the verse, that's here for you too.


  1. Mollie, this is darling, thank you. Don't think I'll be colouring, but an embroidered handful of these guys scattered across an apron or tablecloth would be really cute!

    I studied that verse a bit myself earlier this year, and didn't really understand the metaphor either until then. Of course, once I read the meaning, it made perfect (and amazing) sense.

  2. Love that you are investing in those sweet girls! It takes somebody special to work with 6th graders :-)

  3. Bless you Mollie!! That is indeed precious and will be putting a sparkle in Father God's eye. xx

  4. I think I will get some for myself.


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