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pattern // where you belong

Where You Belong

Where do you feel a sense of belonging? For me, it's when I'm with family. Do they make me crazy sometimes? Of course. Are there times of tension? Definitely. But they love and accept me no matter what (mostly...haha!).

My friend Vicki asked if I would draw up a pattern for her to stitch for an anniversary gift. She gave me this text: It doesn't matter where you came from, but where you belong. Right next to me.

So sweet. I love the idea of two people belonging next to each other, with each other, and to each other. Maybe someday I'll find that too. Anyway, because the embroidery was to be a gift for her husband, Vicki wanted the pattern to not look too girly. No flowers!

I went with a simple text style, and added a scattering of double rice stitch. You could add more of that too. On the PDF pattern, that last line is outlined, but the idea is that it would be filled in as you see above.

Stitch it for a friend, spouse, or whoever needs to know that they can find belonging when they are with you.

And thanks to Vicki for requesting this pattern and letting me share it!


  1. I like that saying...
    another of my favorites is
    "always kiss me goodnight"

  2. Oh thank you for sharing. As we sit here gathered as a family I truly know this is right where I belong. Thanks to a kind Heavenly Father for guiding me to where I belonged. Love ya Mollie!

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Thank u Mollie this is so sweet!! Thank u for sharing today.. specifically, it is touching my heart. God is faithful. Hugs, Jennifer:)

  4. Hey! its Tess from 2peasinapodblog, and i just have some questions about blog format. We love how your blog looks and if its not confidential, i was wondering what format you use? and if you have any tips on how to make you blog look pretty we would love to hear from you! thanks a bunch!

    1. I just chose a basic Blogger template and then fiddled and tinkered. My biggest tip is always to look for ways to simplify. If you want to talk more about specifics, you can send me an email, because I'd love to help as much as I can! molliejohanson [at] gmail

  5. What a sweet project - it brings happy tears to my eyes! :))


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