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pattern // lucky charm tinies

Lucky Charm Tinies

Is it strange that I think of cereal on St. Patrick's Day? Yes, I think so. But also no, because Lucky Charms is the most Irish of all the cereals. Unless you count potato flakes. Lucky Charms doesn't make my short list of favorite cereals, but I do love the marshmallows, and so I used them as inspiration for a set of tiny embroidery patterns.

I've never been one to call something my lucky charm, so some of the icons make little sense to me. Especially the balloon. I have mixed feelings about balloons.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy stitching up these little designs. Use them as lucky charms or just as fun and cute embroideries. They'd make excellent pins or hair clips to be sure, as a border on a pillowcase, or maybe as little charms on a necklace!

However you put them to use, I hope you have the best of luck as you stitch. (That means no knots or pulling out the stitches!)


  1. These are so sweet! My kiddos always loved Lucky Charms, but only for the marshmallows, lol! Thanks for the adorable patterns.

  2. Thank you, these are so sweet. So are Lucky Charms so they aren't allowed to be on general sale in England!!


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