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stitch love party // savannah friends patterns at hugs are fun


Parties are better with friends, right? Right. So I asked my friend Becca if she would like to Stitch Love with us too, and she said yes!

Becca stitched and sewed this sweet zippered pouch with a lion cub. And on the reverse, well...I'll let you visit Hugs are Fun to see the awesome that's going on. She has turned into a zipper pouch and patchwork machine lately!

While you're at Hugs are Fun you'll be able to download a set of three savannah animals: a zebra, an ostrich, and the lion cub. Each with a gleeful look on its face (Becca turned the eyes on the lion so he's sleepy...cute!).

Party small talk: Have you played the app Neko Atsume? It's all about cats, and I'm fairly certain that it influenced my drawing of this little lion!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

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  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You guys have to see the back of that pouch; I swooned! Her patterns are wonderful. Great link, thanks, Mollie

  3. Mollie, everything you put on here is SO stinking cute!

  4. My daughter and I both play Neko Atsume! We'll both squeal over the kitties that come to visit~ These patterns are adorable! The ostrich is my favorite!!

  5. It's sooooooo cute and adorable!
    Greetings, Rike


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