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stitch love party // a floral frame pattern for your animals


Now it's time for some serious late-night partying. But if you leave early or fall asleep, I promise we won't make fun of you. The good thing about a blog party is that it stays in place so you can visit again when you're wide awake!

So one of the things that I wanted to do is make a way to easily use patterns from Stitch Love to make embroidered hoop art. Just stitching a single animal on a pouch or pocket works, but placing that same animal alone in a hoop doesn't always look right.

So I made a little floral frame to use with your favorite motif from the book! Above you can see how the skunk would look if you nestle him in just at the top of the flowers. I'd plan on stitching the flowers right over his feet.

But you can do this another way too!


For this one I'm going to take the frame and the Easter Bunny and make them work together.


This one is almost more like a portrait in a frame. So, I basically cut off the bottom of the bunny pattern, but I did it so that only the parts covered by the flowers are removed. I left a little gap between the flowers and the bunny and basket, but you can stitch whatever design you're using right up to the flowers.

Just Trace the frame first, then add the animal of your choice, tracing only the part you want to show.

It will work with lots and lots of animals from the book, and from the #StitchLoveParty! And of course, the frame can be used for other things too.

Enjoy! And come back soon for a bit more fun!


  1. I missed the party. Thank you for all the great patterns.

  2. Thank you for the floral frame pattern, it's the perfect little frame to show off any of the adorable little critters inside of it. XO

  3. I just joined your site and I absolutely LOVE it! The patterns here are such a surprise and I am thrilled to be part of it.


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