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stitch love party // a baby kappa pattern to end the party

Stitch Love Baby Kappa pattern

When you start seeing imaginary animals, it probably means that it's time to end a party right? Well, this particular creature has been a long time coming. This creature is a kappa.

Kappas are Japanese mythical creatures, and when I was working on the section of mythical, or perhaps...legendary animals in Stitch Love, I wanted something from Japan. But Japan has some seriously freaky creatures. Even the ones that are cute come with mean or even terrifying stories.

But I loved the kappa anyway and somewhere I have sketches that never became official patterns. I sort of forgot about it.

And then Heather suggested that the #StitchLoveParty needed a kappa, and I was once again all excited for this turtle-frog-duck-bird with a puddle of water on its head.

So often they are scary or ugly (although there are some kawaii cute ones too, including characters in Animal Crossing), and I wanted mine to be as cute as possible. And what could be cuter than a baby kappa? Nothing! (Except maybe a bunny sea slug.) Thanks, Heather!

If you suggested a pattern that I didn't make for the party, either a) the animal is already in the book (for example, a penguin!), b) I have a pattern for that animal in my shop (like the narwal!), or I just ran out of time (I still have sugar glider sketches waiting to become patterns!). But thank you to everyone who offered up ideas!

And now, it's time to end this party. Phew! It's late! Thanks for coming, and travel home safe, folks. And keep on stitching!


  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Your sea bunny slug on that blue polka dot fabric is adorable! 'Sew cute'. Thank you for a great party! Happy first birthday Stitch Love! And thanks, Mollie, for a great party!

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Thanks for inviting us to the party, Mollie! I had a great time. And heartiest congratulations on the one-year anniversary of Stitch Love's release!

    Sarah A.

  3. Molllllliiieeeeee!!!! I can't breathe!!! It's perfect!! I knew you would draw the best kappa ever!! I can't say thank you enough! And CONGRATULATIONS for Stitch Love's one year anniversary! The party was awesome and I had so much fun participating. I really think you are wonderful!

  4. Alisa1:39 PM

    I love kappa-chans! Your best pattern ever.

  5. Your sea bunny slug is the cutest little fluff ball ever! And that little baby kappa...love him!!

  6. I just have to say....what a lovely blog and how generous you are! Thank you for all that you share! You are a blessing! :)

  7. I am loving this to the max. He made me smile huge this morning, and for that alone I thank you. Love and hugs, Me

  8. I am loving this to the max. He made me smile huge this morning, and for that alone I thank you. Love and hugs, Me


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