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cute tips from stacey from freshstitches

Welcome to the second installment in the Cute Tips series! Today we get a very colorful tip from a maker who is completely adorable.

Stacey from FreshStitches describes her site as "cute. crafty. fun." and that couldn't be more accurate. She designs the super sweet amigurumi crochet patterns, and on her blog she shares some really great helps for learning crochet and adding new techniques.

Her tip is simple and so much fun to use in crochet or just about anything: Make it rainbow!

Here are a few of her most rainbow creations!

Does this remind you of the rainbows we loved from Lisa Frank while we were growing up? I bet you can put this cute tip to use right away. Thanks, Stacey!

A note to all my bloggy friends: Cute Tips contributors are generously sharing their cutest secrets with us. Be inspired by them, but please, please, please don't try to steal their style! Be your own cute self!


  1. I love anything with lots of color!

  2. Some very inspiring pictures! I absolutely love the rainbows - would love to do some projects like this!


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