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printable // pentagon paper chains

Pentagon Paper Chain

My pentagon play continues, and this time with a printable that, I will admit, can be time consuming. But also really cool looking.

These are similar to the paper chains we made as kids (okay, so not just as kids...I still love traditional paper chains!), but they stay flat, and get connected and decorated with washi tape.

You can make them with white card stock to show off the tape designs, or use colored stock for a brighter garland. I made two sizes of pentagons, and while the pictures here show only the small size, I'll be making some of the bigger pentagons soon. I expect that they'll make a longer chain much faster!

Pentagon Paper Chain

You will need:

Card stock
Washi tape

Small Pentagon Paper Chains

Large Pentagon Paper Chains

Pentagon Paper Chain

Cut apart the pentagons, then cut out the centers. There's a line along pentagon "ring" that allows you to cut into the center, as well as to link all the pieces together. The cutting is the part that takes the most time.

Pentagon Paper Chain

Use washi tape to secure the ends of each pentagon ring together. Start with one, then add a ring to the chain and tape that one. Keep going!

Pentagon Paper Chain

I like to create a pattern with the washi tape designs, but you could do this however you like. They'd look great with every pentagon using the same tape.

Pentagon Paper Chain
Pentagon Paper Chain

Make your chain as long as you want. Wear it as a necklace (watch out for paper cuts!). Display it near a window. Decorate your desk with it. Hang pentagons everywhere!

My mom is planning on making a garland of them in red, white, and blue. She's doing the bigger size, and most likely they'll be up from Memorial Day through Independence Day. I think they'll look fantastic!


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    This is super cute, but Mollie! There's no faces! ;)

    1. Thank you! My next project has a face...I promise!

  2. Great idea, Mollie! I loved making paper chains as a child, then with my children , and now with my brother's grandchildren :-). I love your mum's idea with the red white and blue!

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