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EPP template // triangle shamrocks

EPP Triangle Shamrock

When I was first building this blog into a embroidery/craft/tutorial blog, I made a lot of quick and easy projects. I love things like that, and they made blogging easier on me. As I have started working on different kinds of projects and adding more outside writing, I've found that getting posts actually finished looks different than it used to. I don't think I've quite found a rhythm for this that suits me.

EPP is one of those things that takes time. Definitely more time than I always expect and plan for. But I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Since March is triangle month, I wanted to make something with EPP triangles. My mug rug last fall was so much fun, and I still love it, so more triangles needed to happen. But I was thinking something more specifically seasonal, so I designed a shamrock sitting within a hexagon.

My plan is to make a few of these and fit them together with some extra triangles to form a mini quilt/candle mat/mug rug. But I don't want to make you wait to make a shamrock (you'll need a little of that time that I underestimate), so rather than share a whole big project, I'm sharing a template for you to use as you wish.

The PDF has two shamrock blocks, plus some extra triangles.

EPP Triangle Shamrock

These triangles are 2-1/2 inches on each side, and I learned from Diane that when the sides of your EPP shape start getting this large, it's best to thread baste. Normally, I just tack the corners, but I tell ya...going through the fabric and templates definitely makes a difference on these triangles.

The stem part of the shamrock is three very acute triangles that form an equilateral triangle. The thread basting is immensely helpful here too, though glue basting may work just as well for you too. Just be sure to make the stem triangle unit before adding it to the other piecing in the shamrock.

After all of the pieces have been joined (we're talking, triangles and any blocks you're putting together), then those threads get snipped and removed. Thread basting take a bit more effort, but I think it's worth it on some sizes/shapes.

EPP Triangle Shamrock

As you join these, you'll find that the center starts to look pretty bulky. I worried how this would come out, but because the little flaps are all going the same direction, they nest so well! After a little pressing with an iron, they lay down flat and smooth. Not bulky at all!

EPP Triangle Shamrock

The cool thing about this is that because it ends up as a hexagon (with 2-1/2 inch sides), you can use this shape in with other hexagons made from different shapes or designs.

I think I might add a little face to mine when it's all done. What do you think? More importantly, I think I had better get busy if I want to make this into something by March 17th...of this year!

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  1. this is so cute! I just found a St Patty's project that i started then tucked away about 5 years ago so in my book, it's never too late to finish. ;)

    Just got some EPP papers today. Looking forward to trying Your patterns.


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