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hearts, pinks, sparkles, and simplicity

At last I have pulled out the pink craft supplies and they're making me feel a little rosy. Which is much needed, I think. But then, it's never bad to feel a little rosy, right?


I even cut into the treasured piece of Liberty fabric I bought in New York so I could make a Purl Bee necklace. The simplicity of this is hugely inspiring for me right now, and I think I need to consider that more in my own making.

Hearts and pinks and sparkles and simplicity are coming soon around here!


  1. i have made the litte heart before the were nice litte happy to share with someone you can a smell on somekind in side them if the ppl can be arould smell s i want say ty i passing this on,

  2. Yay! Can't wait xx
    - Hani

  3. I can't wait for pinks and sparkles and simplicity! Love the little Liberty heart! Dawn


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