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slowly stitching

Half hexagons

Life has felt hurried lately and I don't like it. Sometimes it's necessary, but I still don't like it.

My days have been filled with graphic design work, secret sewing, and keeping up with the 50 States Stitching Club. All of it gets done as quickly as I can, because there are many more things coming down the pipeline.

I need more slow stitching.

So I work towards that. Christmas coming soon threatens my plans, but I'm gonna do everything I can not to let it. I'm determined to have myself a slow stitching little Christmas...and if I figure it out sooner, Thanksgiving too.

Officially, I probably don't have time to be stitching these English paper piecing shapes, but a moment of slow stitching was needed. It's just a small project, so that justifies it, right? If all goes well, I'll share it here with you this week.

How about you? Do you enjoy slow stitching? It's become a whole movement, and I like it.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I am fine with slow stitching. The world beyond my control imposes enough stressful deadlines on people, why should our hobby do the same?

    1. So true! What gets me into trouble is where my work deadlines and my hobby sort of overlap. It gets me all confused and I start speed stitching when I don't need to!

  2. I'm doing lots of slow hand stitching at the moment - it often seems easier to get to than sitting down at the sewing machine. Right now, my current project is hand sewn orange peels as part of Julie's QAL over at button button: http://button-button.co.uk/category/orange-peel-quilt-along/ and it's lovely!


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