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pattern // there is a design

There Is A Design

I'm a huge fan of almost all of Sufjan Stevens' music. Some of his songs really touch my heart and I often think of it as the soundtrack of my life. Vito's Ordination Song has always been a favorite of mine because the lyrics are very much like Psalm 139, which my parents chose for me when I was adopted. Here are some lyrics:

I always knew you
In your mothers arms
I have called your name...

And when you write a poem
I know the words, I know the sounds
Before you write it down...

Rest in my arms
Sleep in my bed
There's a design
To what I did and said

There Is A Design

I've been thinking that I would like to embroider some of the lyrics on a quilt. Before I even got close to that, however, I found that they would make a good gift for someone, which is what this stitched version is. It's been gifted now, so I can share.

Since I used the words "there is a design", I thought that adding a little design element would make sense. The signature Wild Olive face doesn't exactly make sense, but since I stitched it, I supposed that's part of me, and I like to think of God knowing since forever that I would put smileys on things. It's part of His design for me, and I hope that my quirks make Him smile.

There Is A Design

What is part of your design?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Lovely post to read this morning!

  2. Kasia2:17 PM

    I love the way you put smileys on everything:) Your designs always make me smile:) I have embroidered them on things to send to the love of my life, to cheer him up. He is part of my design:)

  3. So lovely! I pray as I stitch, sometimes not evening realizing that I'm doing it, asking for guidance in my daily life. Words that have inspired my heart find their way to a hoop which is why I like to incorporate a heart somewhere in the design. =)

  4. Lyrics! Great idea, Molly!

  5. The smile is totally you!

  6. Anonymous4:54 AM

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  7. This is lovely! And a great idea for a gift. Love, Sufjan, as well! Keep the smiley!

  8. Very fitting for adoption month.


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