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printable // autumn leaf lacing cards

Leaf Lacing Cards

My sister works at a preschool where she teaches 4-year-olds in transitional Kindergarten. This week I got to go and be an extra set of hands at their fall musical, which meant handing out props, and making sure they walked out at the right time...so fun! Her kids are all sooooo cute, and it reminded me that I made something for her classroom that your kids or grandkids might like too!

These autumn leaf lacing cards can be printed on card stock and punched with a standard or 1/8-inch hole punch. (If you want them to last longer, you may want to laminate them. For lacing, I like to use yarn with a bead tied to one end so it can be used without tying it to the card. At the other end, be sure to wrap some tape so it can be threaded through the holes easily.

For more lacing fun, be sure to check out the weather lacing cards I made earlier this year!

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