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apps are better with faces

I like to say that things are better with faces, whether that be a kitchen appliance, a spool of thread, or a crop of fruit and veggies from a farm. What starts out as something somewhat ordinary becomes super cute.

It is this cuteness factor that I blame for getting me hooked on playing Farm Heroes. I have other game apps on my iPad, but this is the one that I can't stop playing. This is a basic puzzle game that is similar to Candy Crush (and made by the same company), but the happy, sad, and sometimes mad produce makes all the difference.

A smiling strawberry? An onion that sheds a tear? This game was made for me!

And no, I really don't have time to spend on apps like this, but for those times when you just need to pause and do something mindless, it's perfect.

Image copyright King, creator of Farm Heroes.


  1. I've been enjoying playing "Disco Zoo." Tiny pixelated zoo animals in hats? It sounds like my kind of party!

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I can't play those types they make me anxious!! I like What's the Phrase!! Guess I am getting old!

  3. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. If you want to accept, there are details on my blog. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  4. me too! I love cute faces on things!

  5. Found this game months ago and kept playing it just because it's so cute!


  6. I love the dance the dog is doing just before Rancid Raccoon shows up and spoils things with his cement mixer!


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