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The other day I wrote about this combination of roller coaster and paralyzation that I'm in the midst of. I like to keep this a positive space that is focused on crafting, but I also think it's important for me to be honest and transparent. Even when you are doing what you love most, life is hard. But God is good. And so as I said, I'm straining forward, and this is the forward.

Because even if I can't quite get there yet, I can see the good things ahead! Without giving away too much, here's what's coming in 2014:

• Valentine's Day! I'm slowly getting my head wrapped around some fun things for this. (see photo above!)

• More sewing! 2013 was the year that I moved forward in my sewing skills...expect to see them used here!

• Quilty goodness! Can you believe that I am planning quilts in my head? I am and they're glorious.

• Color guides! I love choosing floss colors, and this year I have a fun plan for a way to share more of these.

• Spring Stitching Club! Although I'm trudging through Winter still, Spring is going to be huge. Literally.

• Collaboration fun! I'm getting ready to start working with someone on her project...it's gonna be good!.

• New products! A shower brainstorm has me all excited for a sort of tutorial/pattern/idea book!

• Happy Stitching! Another collaboration that will show up here soon...with something that I've never done.

• Editing! My book is still a year away, but this will be the year that it gets completely finished. Woo!

Oh boy...I know why I'm overwhelmed, but I'm going to keep going, keep straining forward to what lies ahead!


  1. Sounds like a very exciting year. I'm the same - I feel the pressure from what lies ahead but breaking it down into lists and small steps like you have always helps me make a start and see my progress.

  2. Everything sounds wonderful! Cannot wait to see them appear here! Happy New Year xxx

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    And God will carry you through or tell you to slow down! So remember to listen to his voice!!

  4. Sounds so exciting!!

  5. I'm still catching up with the Winter stitchy fun. You make my head spin with ideas! Thank you!!!

  6. I like how you're being real about the process. Sometimes even in the midst of creativity, we can get bogged down and overwhelmed; we've probably all been there but just haven't been as good about saying it.

  7. All of your ideas sound wonderful. II can not wait to see all them in action especially the Wild Olive Spring Stitching Club. When will this one be available? Happy New Year Mollie. :)

    1. Thanks! Spring registration will start mid to late February.

    2. Thank you very much. :)


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