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25 crafts of christmas // recycling

While I love going to get fresh fabric cut, choosing fresh supplies, or breaking out a new pair of scissors, I also really love finding ways put old things to new uses. Recycling is both earth-friendly and really fun!

My sister and I have designed two of our Christmas trees around this idea. The ornaments are all pretty simple, so take a look and see what you might make for your decorations by looking in the recycling bin or donation pile.

the tree

I can't believe this is the only photo I have of the entire tree. Everything was made from cereal boxes and catalogs!

Handmade Christmas tree.
Handmade Christmas...

We had only a few ornament types, but we made a ton of them! I think I still have those birds around here somewhere...


This one was made almost entirely from an old book (maybe two?) that was falling apart. As difficult as it was to cut it up, it had a great new life!


Special thanks to my sister who made all of the lovely garlands. These took her hours and hours of time...and that doesn't recycle!

Do you have any favorite recycling Christmas projects? Please share the links!


  1. One of my favorite recycling Christmas projects it where to take paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make a festive swag for the wall. Here is the link I used (it is in Spanish - you can always use Google Translate if needed) http://lasmanualidades.imujer.com/2009/11/16/nochebuena-con-reciclaje-enviado-por-beatriz

  2. The trees look beautiful - great ideas! x

  3. Amazing ornaments and garland made from an old book! Very lovely!!!

  4. Here is another paper craft for the tree....from 1955!


    Lovely tree!

  5. really gorgeous! I love the new life for the book, so lovely:) Well done ladies!

  6. I absolutely love both of these trees! The birds made from cereal boxes are soooo cute! And, the little walnuts boats...omg, too cute!!

  7. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Speaking of recycling, two weeks prior to Christmas we trim the evergreen trees in our yard (we also have fruit trees) and MAKE a wreath from the boughs that spent the summer smacking us in the face as we mowed the lawn.... :-) We do not even buy a wreath form (we make one), so we can just drop the wreath in the yard-waste recycling bin after the holidays. We have had several large bows (and some we made from ribbons we already had) for years and just choose one when we started making wreaths about a decade ago. I cannot tell you how jealous our neighbors are because wreaths that large (and that heavy! :-P) are soooooooooo incredibly expensive. They are very nearly the width of the door, and smell wonderful, no air freshener needed. :-)

  8. I love this, beautiful :)

  9. Oh wow this is so pretty! Merry Christmas


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