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25 crafts of christmas // clay

25 crafts of christmas // clay

Clay is arguably one of the most basic of materials for crafting. Just think of all of those clay pots that have survived thousands of years! Now we have the privilege to put clay to use for something as frivolous as decorating a tree...and I think that's pretty wonderful.

25 crafts of christmas // clay

For the Makers sent me this delightful kit for making painted clay ornaments, and I can't wait to dig in, roll out, bake, and paint up something lovely. Everything you need is in here...well, except the pan and oven. You can find this kit here, or if you already have all of these things around, on that same page you'll find their tutorial link.

I mentioned them the other day, and I'm doing it again today. For the Makers makes really great kits! They are perfect for trying out something new, or for helping out that friend who is astonished when you tell them you made something yourself. Gift them a kit like this and show them how easy it can be!

And hey! They've got a little sale running! From the For the Makers site: "We want the gifts you choose to be just as special as the one you're gifting to! Make sure to get them in time for Christmas. Take 20% off your total purchase (including subscriptions) with code GIFT20, entered at checkout! Sale ends Sunday, December 15th at 12am PT."

nativity for mom

Speaking of clay, while looking through some old photos, I spotted this little Nativity that I made when taking a class from A Beautiful Mess years ago. The heads are wood beads, and everything else is Sculpey that's been painted and sealed. It's small and sweet, but it's a nice reminder of what Christmas...what LIFE is all about: Jesus.


  1. Cute Nativity Mollie. :) During Christmas time, I use to teach 4 year olds (preschoolers) how to make candy canes and small tree ornaments out of Sculpey clay back in the USA.

  2. I flunked PlayDoh back in Kindergarten! I envy those of you with the clay craft skills!


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