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25 crafts of christmas // beads

25 Crafts of Christmas // Beads

Yesterday I mentioned some classic Christmas crafts (at least, they're classics around my house!) that use pipe cleaners and beads, so let's talk briefly about that second supply. Beads of all kinds are a handy thing any time of year, and at Christmas, they're practically a requirement, I think. In fact, you'll see some other kinds show up later this month and used in other ways, but today, let me show you something pretty.

25 Crafts of Christmas // Beads

For the Makers sent me this gorgeous kit to make geometric ornaments using glass bugle beads. When I was little, I loved craft kits, but as an adult they seem a little cheesy. Not so with kits from For the Makers! These are so classy that Martha Stewart would use them and claim the idea as her own (not Martha bashing here at all...I'm just saying these are great kits!).

The packaging is like opening a gift, and their tagline says it all: You Make It. We Make It Easier.

25 Crafts of Christmas // Beads

I pulled out the supplies and got started. No shopping for a list or hoping that you have the right materials, just making.

And here's something cool. The kit has illustrated instructions, but for more thorough directions and step-by-step photos, they have a full tutorial on their site.

25 Crafts of Christmas // Beads

Isn't it beautiful? I love anything that lets you feel successful with little effort. Especially at Christmas time...we all need that kind of boost! The kit is $28, and makes 30 ornaments. Less than $1 per ornament, and you didn't have to track down these fancy beads? I like it. I'd also like to point out that the kit or completed ornaments would make a wonderful gift.

Yay for Christmas beads! And yay for the fine folks at For the Makers who sent me such a lovely kit!

Have you done any Christmas bead work? I'd love to see!


  1. This is a very nice ornament kit. :) I used bugle and seed beads this year to make beaded Christmas cards.

  2. I know what you mean about some kits being cheesy. This one looks fab. I've made the old sequin/bead/pins/styrofoam ball ornaments with varying levels of success.


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