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today: this girl is behind


Today, this girl is thinking about a special project that these scraps will be perfect for (when I find the time).

Today:Felt Hexagons

Today, this girl is making something out of felt hexagons (for a post that I planned on sharing today, but will probably be tomorrow or the next day).


Today, this girl is finally packing up the prizes for winners of recent giveaways (and I am thankful for people with patience).

The fact is, this girl is behind. So much so, that I'm considering adding it to my list of hobbies: "Falling behind on work and projects". I will do my best to keep up this June, but I have been blessed with good work lately. Work like, contributing to some really, really sweet holiday craft books that will come out in the next few years, plus more that I look forward to sharing along the way.

Today, this girl needs to get to work!


  1. Despite being behind, you sent out the stitch club pdf today almost exactly when I was looking for it! :)

  2. Eh, what's a little behind amongst friends?

    Thanks for sending us the Glasses!!!


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