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printable: hipster honeybees printable cards

Hipster Honeybees Printable Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I've been preparing for weeks and making all kinds of things along the way, but somehow, I also forgot. So although it's last minute, I still wanted to share some printable Valentines that I made with my little honeybees.

The good thing about them, however, is that they aren't only for one day of the year, but they could be given anytime. Let someone know you loved (or liked) them before it was the hip thing to do.

Hipster Honeybees Printable Valentines

These print out as a strip with three panels. Trim them, then fold on the lines so that the section with the circle folds around to the inside. Secure it with some double-sided tape and you have a card that didn't even need to be printed on both sides!


  1. This cracked me up - such a hipster thing to say :) Love it!

    - Kate

    Kate & Kobi
    Peaches & Pennies

  2. I love these so much!


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