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giving caregiver kits for lent

Caregiver Kits

A few years ago, I attended an Ash Wednesday service that stirred my heart to give something up, and do something special, for Lent. It was clear to me that I could be a part of some amazing things God is doing and invite others to participate too.

So I gave up the profits from my shop and put them towards building World Vision Caregiver Kits.

Since the first time I did this (or more accurately, since WE did this), fundraising for Caregiver Kits has become a nearly annual tradition, though not always during the Lenten season. Today, we start the drive once more.

For those unfamiliar, Caregiver Kits contain a selection of items used for giving basic medical care to those primarily suffering from HIV/AIDS. They are given to volunteer workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America, who provide care, love and a message of hope. At this time, World Vision is only able to fulfill about 10% of requests for the kits. Clearly, the need is great.

The cost for the supplies is $22 per kit, and the minimum number of kits to build is 50. It feels like a big commitment, but I'd love to do even more than 50. Will you help me help others?

To make this happen, now through Easter, 100% of the profits from my Etsy and Kitschy Digitals shops will go toward Caregiver Kits. If you've been thinking of purchasing something, this is the time to do it.

As time progresses, I'll keep an updated count of kits we can supply with the profits. Once the funds are raised, I'll place the order for supplies, and World Vision will have palettes of medical supplies shipped to my house, where everything will be packaged up and we'll add handwritten notes to the Caregivers. And of course I'll share the experience with you here on my blog.

I'm so looking forward to seeing what we can do together!

PS: you can also give directly to World Vision's Caregiver Kits project on their website.

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