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project: silver and gold felt ornament

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

In Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Burl Ives (as the snowman) sang Silver and Gold, a song about Christmas decorations. Sufjan created a new version that is much more reflective and much less Christmas. I like them both, so a Silver and Gold ornament was needed!

It's true that this is more gray and yellow, but let's go with it, okay? If you want to get extra fancy, use metallic thread to enhance your ornament and give it real glitz!

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Here's what you need:

Wool Blend Felt (I used BenzieBazaar felt - see note below)
Embroidery Floss (I used DMC 3821, 604, 168, and 310)
Pinking or Scallop Shears (optional)
Silver and Gold Pattern PDF

A Note on Wool Blend Felt: This December, all of my felt projects are using felt provided by BenzieBazaar. I am seriously smitten with this felt! It's almost, almost as lovely as 100% wool, but at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing the Glitter and Glass collection, plus a small piece of Purple and Seaside, you'll have all that you need to make all of the small felt projects this month (at least six ornaments and two gift toppers!).

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Cut out all of the pieces from felt. Pinking shears are fun for the smaller backing piece!

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Embroider the details onto the ornament pieces. I used two strands of floss.

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Layout the design to see how to layer the pieces. This one is pretty simple.

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Stitch the pieces onto the purple backing with tiny stitches along the edge of the applique. After they are in place, embroider the ornament hangers onto the purple felt.

When you're all done with the decoration, stitch the purple backing onto the pink. Use pink running stitch so the stitches are more subtle on the back.

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Stitch a length of embroidery floss through the back, then tie with a knot for a hanger.

Silver and Gold Felt Ornament

Now you can add some silver and gold to your Christmas tree! (apparently...everyone wishes for it...)


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Yellow and grey equals silver and gold (I have never heard that song) no problem for me. I mean if you think about it, on person might call it fuchsia, some hot pink. Some people call the color, peach, others apricot, cream or off-white, magenta or burgundy. Until there are "official" names for colors that apply to everyone (like we have for plants, electronic components or diseases) you can call it whatever you like! :-) Especially since sheep, and the wool felt that comes from them, do not usually come in metallic shades.


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