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pattern: the will to work hard

The Will To Work Hard

Hey! It's Wednesday, and time for another Lyrical Lettering pattern!

This pattern is one that I made for my sister. She works at our local library, she works hard at life (and it pays off!), and she likes John Mayer music. This line from Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1969 was perfect for her! And I thought you all might like it too. You can watch and listen to the song here:

The song lyric is attributed to John Mayer in the pattern, but ya know...you could use your name in there too! I think it would be just right for on your library tote, don't you think?

Thanks to Ashlea for stitching this one! Visit her blog, Scissors, Stitches & Seams!


  1. Thank you Molly! Another wonderful design. I work in a library and this will form another work appropriate stitchery for me!

  2. Sorry for miss-spelling your name earlier. Mortified! :)

  3. Hi I am just learning, so are these back stitches?!

    so lovely!

    1. I believe that Ashlea stitched this primarily with stem stitch, but back stitch would work too! Either way, using smaller length stitches is a wise idea for the lettering...it will help on the very small curves.


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