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colors inspired by summer

Impossible Tomorrow

Here we are, in the middle of summer, and it's about time I pick some DMC embroidery colors to go with the season! These color combos are inspired by summer classics, as well as some patterns that are coming to the blog next week! When I go through my stash (DMC has been super kind to me in supporting my habit!), I like to name the palettes that I create. Sometimes they have silly names, but silly works.

Above, we have "Impossible Tomorrow." They aren't truly neon, but they are as close to neon as you can get with the standard cotton floss, which makes them less expensive, and easier to stitch with! EDITED: The second color from the left should be 741. Sorry about that!

Super Snowcone

"Super Snowcone." I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that a snowcone with these colors would be pretty tasty!

Just Beachy

Above is "Just Beachy", because when August comes, I think beach. I don't actually go to the beach, I just think it goes with August.


These colors remind me of Rosie the Riveter, but I named the grouping "Waterloo". It'll make more sense next week!

Puppet Pals

Some summer colors feel like fall may creep in at any moment, but these reminded me of some "Puppet Pals" which are good any time of the year!

Idea Garden

How about an "Idea Garden"? Pretty bright, huh? Get it? Bright idea? Ha!

Iced Tea With Lemon

And finally, "Iced Tea with Lemon". I'll take my tea with or without lemon, so long as there's no sugar in it! I've tried to like sweet tea, but I just can't get used to it.

Sometimes I use these colors to stitch, sometimes I just admire them. How about you? What might you stitch with one of these sets of floss shades?

PS: I try to keep the colors accurate, but monitors differ. Trust me, the colors are always best when you have them in your hands, and threaded in your needle!


  1. I really like the sno cone colors. How could I make something with those colors all around some lips, just like after eating a yummy sno cone?
    Hey, could you tell how you store your floss? I have tried several ways. I need something that travels well, too. I'm always taking it with me to be ready for down time....just wondering. Thanks.

    1. I store my floss on DMC cards in a DMC plastic floss box... brand loyal much! The trick is to not wrap the floss too tightly. I don't know if you can still get this but they used to have a smaller plastic floss box that is perfect for travelling or to store the floss for your current project. I borrowed/took my mom's :) It even has a little space for a small pair of scissors and your needle card.

    2. My storage system looks like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/molliejohanson/6787445302/in/set-72157629133233575

      I keep the floss in their skeins and hunt for just the right color in the semi-organized bags. Not the best, but it's working for me for now!

  2. Lovely color combinations and even lovelier names to them.

  3. Mollie,

    Puppet Pals is perfect - Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzy. You have such an eye.


  4. I love idea garden. It's amazing.

  5. Sooo pretty. :) Aileen

  6. "Super Snowcone" and "Iced Tea with Lemon" are my favorites! Very creative!! I love the imagery!! XD

  7. I really like all the groupings and can't wait to see what you made to go along with the names :) I really am hoping for a glass of Iced tea though with maybe a smiley lemon off to the side .... SO EXCITED TO SEE!

  8. I love the garden set and iced tea what a great idea!!!

  9. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Great combo's! My favourites would be Impossible Tomorrow, Just Beachy and Puppet Pals. They're all quite lovely though.

  10. Pretty! I love the fresh vibrant colours of floss.

  11. Waterloo is intriguing...... love it though - and Snowcone is a close second!

  12. Looove the colors! I want to buy a lot of those bright colors, maybe to make some cute bracelets :) thanks for inspiring me!
    love, Vief


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