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snapshot saturday // photo assistant

photo assistant

Earlier this week, I had some photos to take, so I covered a box with batting and a sheet, then set it up on a chair near the front window. It seems the cat wanted to help, so she hung out under the box for several hours, peeking out the window from time to time.


  1. Eeeps! A peek at your kitty! At least when she's 'helping' she's not tearing out the pins and climbing all over everything ;)

  2. Aren't cats helpful! When I was in grad school, my cat unerringly picked the papers I was working with to sit on. She still likes to sit on magazines, newspapers whatever. Now, we set out "decoy important papers" so that she won't sit on the real "important paper." Aah, cats. :) Aileen

  3. Mollie,

    I have five helpers at my house. Four cats and one dog. The cats are named Sparks, Abbie, Carmel and Zoey. The dog's name is Riley. Riley helps run the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaner. Zoey helps change sheets and open windows. Abbie is my biggest helper. She pukes on anything clean. Change the sheets and with in an hour - yuk; clean the carpet and with in an hour - yuk. She is great with her generosity!
    Carmel helps by putting hair on EVERYTHING. I have never seen a cat shed so much before and she is a short hair! Sparks is my screecher creature. He NEVER shuts up and meows constantly until you could scream. He is especially bad when he is hungery or I am tired. Although, Sparks has learned a new trick - he now walks on my face to wake me up.
    Yes, I have a zoo at my house and I wouldn't have it any other way but Zoey is the last - Keep your fingers crossed! - because I don't have the house for another. All the cats are rescues. Sparks came from the shelter. Abbie from someone's home. She was injured badly on her left hip and taken to a vet and left. The vet only dealt with large animals and helped with the injury but wasn't going to feed her. Thank goodness the woman we got her from was there that morning to get medicine for her horses and took Abbie home. But her husband wouldn't let the cat in the house so Abbie was kept in their garage. We ended up with Abbie because we had lost a cat (Samantha) and I keeped looking for her. The people at the shelter knew me and told me of a family that may have Samantha and I went to see. And there I met Abbie. Carmel was a "gift" from one of the boys my husband and I worked with at an establishment for deliquent juvenial boys. One of the young men in our cottage found a kitten and thought I would like it. Carmel was filthy! She was completely charcoal grey and malnurished and full of worms. I couldn't just drop her off outside and forget about her so to my house she went. We had our own house aside from the cottage and Sparks and Abbie were there and with the work schedual we made trips to feed them and make sure that everything was all right. Once we were off duty we would go to our house for the weekend and Carmel ended up being white and tan and after a trip to the vet she was healthy and happy. Zoey was also a rescue. My sister ran into a friend a Walmart who had found his german shepard chewing on something and lo and behold it was a kitten. Zoey was so young her eyes were opened but her ears hadn't popped yet. Would I please take her and try to save her? Once I saw this tiny thing, all wet and slightly mangled, I couldn't say no. We didn't know if she would live but she did. My sister was going to find a home for Zoey but we had obtained Riley only one month earlier and the two of them bonded so well that we can't separate them. Our other cats were mean to this small puppy and he was lonely but once Zoey was strong enough to be let out of the kennel the two of them were "Best Buds" from then on.
    And there you have it! Maureen's House O' Pets! We also have two parakeets and a fish tank. We did have four hermit crabs and a hamster but as they went I didn't replace them because it was too hard emotionally. I know they were only crabs but oh so cute and fun.
    Want to come and visit?


  4. SO CUTE!!!

    I love whenever I go on a walk or bike ride and someone's dog or kitty is peeking out the window. I smile every time!!!

  5. I am a cat lover as well ! Our cat Capucine is very special to us... and we have our little special moment everyday.... Every morning, as soon as I get up, she comes to see me and ''beg'' me to pick her up and hold her while she stares at the bird's house near to my son's window... and she litterally speaks to them... so cute... I never tought I would have a cat so precious !


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