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may the 4th be with you


Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved Ewoks. I'm pretty sure that back then, my mom wouldn't let me actually watch Return of the Jedi, but I still knew all about these creatures. To me, they were cute and cuddly, and I even had a stuffed Ewok. She was gray with a pink hood. So cute.

Well, today is May 4th, which means it's Star Wars Day! I still love the original three movies (the new ones? meh.), so I couldn't pass up the chance to celebrate with a little softie Ewok! They are really quick to make, and are safe for even the littlest Star Wars fan to love.

ewok supplies

Here's what you need:
Fabric in two good Ewok colors (I used corduroy)
Embroidery floss
Ewok pattern PDF

ewok pieces

Cut out two body pieces and two hood pieces. (It's best to cut two layers at a time, with wrong sides together.)

Stitch the face onto one body piece, and cut an opening in one hood piece.

stuffing the ewok

Pin the body pieces together, and sew around the edge with a running stitch, leaving an inch or so for stuffing. Stuff him and stitch him closed.

ewok hoodie

Pin the hood pieces together, and sew around the edge with a whip stitch, making sure you leave openings for the ears. The pattern is marked for these openings, but it's a good idea to make sure that your openings match up with your Ewok, as some variation can occur when cutting and sewing.

ewok softie

Get your Ewok dressed, and then send him off to play in Endor:

ewok softie in the yard...er...endor

Okay, well that's actually my front yard, but whatever. He looks at home, doesn't he?

My 24-year-old sister has claimed this guy, and I've already got a list of people in my friends and family who are going to need one. I think I'll be heading to the store for more colors of corduroy so I can stitch up a whole colony!

And just in case you don't believe me about my love of Ewoks from childhood on, I submit this proof:

Wicket and Me

Yep. Me with Wicket. I'm just that cool.

Happy Star Wars Day, friends! And may the force be with you!


  1. I too have great memories of watching Star Wars as a kid, thanks for the project it's too cute!

  2. I had a Star Wars pop-up book I got when I saw one of the movies at the theater. I *still* have my Star Wars pillowcase. It has Yoda on one side, and Chewbacca on the other. <3

    Love the Ewok! Thank you :)

  3. Love this!!!! I was raised on Star Wars - the original!

  4. So cute!

    I think my sister's cat (Lowell) needs one to add to his ever expanding toy collection (it will go well with the Tribble he already has).

  5. so much cute! Thank you.

  6. So cool....my son (35) is going to need one of these. Love the pic...especially the charm necklace.

  7. Hurray! Maybe today is a good day to make the wookies I have been meaning to...

  8. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Eeeps! I love it! I saw a sneak peek on Anna's instagram yesterday :) By the way, is that a charm necklace on the younger you? ;)

    1. It is indeed a charm necklace...and I still have it!

  9. That is so funny. I need to make one for my nephew. I need to figure out how to make a Chewbaca one. He would love that. And your childhood one is a crack up.


  10. The scale is totally different, but there's a fantastic pattern for Chewbacca on Draw! Pilgrim (hence my leftover corduroy!).


  11. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Laughing pretty hard. This is awesome!

  12. oh my word. I love this :) You're adorable

  13. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Adorable! I think you need to add your your May the 4th collection every year! Maybe next year will be a little Yoda?

  14. Adorable! I may have to whip up a little troupe of Ewoks. And hey! I used to have a necklace just like yours!! Wish I still had it :)

  15. Hey Mollie, I had a necklace just like yours too!

  16. Just found another pic of the charm necklace:

    I keep it in this shadowbox frame, and actually, there are two in there. The day I met this Ewok happens to also be the day I got the skeleton charm. Crazy thing to remember, but it was obviously a big day for me!

  17. You have totally made my millenium . . . falcon! Heh heh. I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan.

  18. You are so creative my dear!! I just love all your sweet creations!! Happy Friday!! xo Heather

  19. How sweet! I Love Ewoks too!

  20. I've never heard of Ewok but he is definitely cute!!

  21. How cute, thanks for sharing!

  22. ohmigoodness... I'm so jealous you still have your charm necklace!! I had a wicked-cool harmonica and an ice skate with a bell on it.

    Seeing pictures of yours gives me warm fuzzies.

  23. Very cute! love the tut too! May the 4th be with you too!

  24. I loved Ewoks as a kid too. There were some spin-off movies that weren't as scary as the real Star Wars that I remember watching. Anyway, my son has seen enough Star Wars to love Ewoks too so he will be thrilled if a couple of these appear someday. I am thinking maybe some thrifted corduroys would be perfect for making these!

  25. That's awesome! Why didn't I think of Ewoks when I made my R2 and Chewie fingerpuppets!?

  26. Awww so cute! The ewok with you in the photo looks a little scary though lol. Also I love the mama & baby sloth pattern you posted. Cute overload!


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