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my favorite things: muppets

Hi Ho! It's a week of my favorite things here on Wild Olive, and you would think that Jason Segel planned the release of his new movie just for me. Why? Because today's favorite thing is...

While I may be getting older at the end of this week, I'm not quite old enough to remember watching the Muppet Show when it originally aired. But my parents must have had a way of showing it to me, because I have very early memories of watching. That said, I can safely say that I have loved all things Muppets for my entire life.

My shelves are filled with the most wonderful Muppet things, including my newly acquired Top Trumps Muppets game. But instead of showing off my favorite Muppet things, I thought you might like to make one of your own!

making a kermit puppet

How about a finger puppet to wear when you see the new movie as it comes out tomorrow?!? (Actually, I'm going to see it on Saturday for my actual birthday, and I'm dragging along my whole family. Including my 6-year-old sister who has an aversion to puppets...it's MY birthday after all! No spoilers, now...mmmkay?)

Here's what you need:
Green felt (mine is a wool blend in a Kermit-y shade from JoAnn)
Small amounts of red and white felt
Embroidery floss
Craft glue
The pattern PDF

making a kermit puppet

Cut out two body pieces from green, two eyes from white, and one red mouth.

making a kermit puppet

Use the patterns in the PDF to stitch on a green collar, the centers of the eyes with black, and a pink tongue. The eyes are just a straight stitch with a big french knot in the center.

making a kermit puppet

Sew the two body pieces together with a running stitch. It's a good idea to take an extra stitch or two at the ends, as they'll get the most stress...although, they don't get much tugging.

making a kermit puppet

Use craft glue to attach the mouth and eyes. Make sure the eyes overlap the top edge a little.

making a kermit puppet

Yay! You're all finished and ready slide your new finger puppet on. Oh, and for some embarrassing info about me and my use of the word "yay", be sure to read this.

making a kermit puppet

Oh yes, I do love my Muppets. They're a favorite thing! Yay!

Tomorrow, a favorite food, that became a favorite idea, that became a favorite name!


  1. that's adorable!! =)

  2. YAY for muppets. I wasn't old enough to see them on their original airings either, but I saw repeats on TV... and I now have the box sets of the episodes to ensure that my children learn what good TV is all about!

    I hadn't even considered going to see the movie. With a one year old, I just don't think about going out any more unless it's really important (like recent weddings) or child friendly (like a picnic this weekend). I guess I'll just wait till DVD.

  3. I absolutely adorer the muppets as well. so, you are now at the top of my best friends list because clearly, since you love them also, you are one cool chicky!!!

    My favorite is Animal and Beaker. LOL



  4. YaaaaaaaY! (Kermit arms!) I love it! (You're stitched Kermit that is.) The Muppets are amazing indeed.

  5. .....I am going to see the movie this week.... I may have to make this and take it along to the movies!! :)

  6. Hey, this Mollie kid sure can make stuff

  7. how hilarious is this... I blogged about the muppets (well, Kermit) last week.... They have always been my all time faves..... I saw the movie last night, and for a muppet fan, it was great!

  8. GAH--I LOVE it! And I'm totally waiting for Jason Segel to re-tweet you ;)

  9. Sweet! I am inspired to do the Swedish Chef now too! thanks!

  10. I LOVE the Muppets ... with all my heart :)
    I own pretty much every book about Jim Henson and the Muppets and my dream job would be (in NYC) as the Jim Henson archive curator ...
    There's a Jim Henson studio near me, and I check every few months to see if they're hiring :)

  11. oh my gosh, you just made my day with this post. YAY!!!

  12. I have seen the Muppet Movie, the old one when Jim Henson was alive. It was cute, adorable, humorous, delightful, touching, and heart felt. The new movie just doesn't cut it in comparison.

  13. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Do you stitch by hand or machine?

    1. I'm primarily a hand stitcher.

  14. Hi! I love all the great ideas on your blog! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I linked back here in a post I did on a round-up of cute finger puppet patterns and I plan to make a whole set of Muppets for my daughter (including your adorable version of Kermie).


  15. I'm the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your Kermit puppet! You can see it here:


    If you have other kid-friendly crafts, we'd love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!


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