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they followed me home

Wooden London

On Friday, I flew home from London, having had the most wonderful time. While I was there, my wallet got a bit lighter, but my luggage became significantly heavier. While I'm editing and going through all of the pics from my trip, I thought you might like to see some of the lovely things that followed me home.

Above is a little wooden set that I got at the Tate Modern (which you also see in the set). There's a great story here, because the first set I bought was missing a piece, and we had to go back a second time to get it fixed. It involved a boat ride though, so Katie and I didn't mind too much!

Muji Scarf and Dress
Muji Scarf

Katie introduced me to MUJI, and I got this scarf and dress which came in the form of tiny cubes. So fun! (And I just discovered that they make the LEGO punch that I have)

And then there were the crafty things that I bought.


Ribbons and Trims? Check.


Tapestry Cotton (which I've not seen around here)? Check.

Liberty Buttons
Liberty Buttons

Buttons Covered with Liberty Fabric? Check.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Fabric and Book? Check.

Now, here's where I need to ask you all a question. If you are in the United States, do you know about Cath Kidston? This was a new discovery to me in England, and I feel like I've been living under a rock. No matter. I got this little booklet in the newspaper while I was there, and also picked up some very charming fabric, perfect for remembering my trip by.

Cath Kidston Book
Cath Kidston Fabric

Oooh....So many fun things to enjoy, and so many good things that I'll be making soon!


  1. What lovely finds! I know about Cath Kidston--but only through blogs! As well, either "Romantic Home" or "Country Living" magazine had her on the front cover a few years ago. Her designs are wonderful! :)

  2. So awesome and bright and pretty and FUN! I love all of this.

    Also, that LEGO punch is ahmazing! I had to follow your link and just... I need that, so so badly!

    Also, I love when anything in that cute cube shape. When my wife and I were long distance, we'd send one another care packages and she sent me a few little cube goodies. ^_^

  3. I LOOVE that Cath Kidston fabric--and I can't see what you make with it! I've known about Cath Kidston for years, only because I have more fashionable friends ;) I love the mixes of florals and polka dots and you've just renewed my desire for one of her bags :)

  4. OMG I can't believe you don't about Cath Kidston outside of the UK! I am obsessed with her stuff and her books. It's all so lovely. :)

  5. My mam and aunt escorted me to a Cath Kidston shop on a trip home last year (I live in the US but am from the north of England). Then for Christmas sent me a stash of fun things from the store (like the "Big Book of Buttons" which she filled with notions that had come from my great-grandmother's sewing kit!) Happy to hear you've discovered it!

  6. What a wonderful little vacation!! I love all the pretty little things you brought home with you!!

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Yes! Evan brought me back goodies from Scotland and then for my birthday remembered I like Cath Kidson and got me a little cupcake tote!! He is a gem!!

  8. Oh those buttons, those Buttons!!!

  9. Those buttons are beautiful! And I'm a huge fan of Cath Kidston! I have an iPhone case with a design from the fabric you chose.

  10. Oh Cath Kidston. I had seen someone carrying a bag from them 5ish years back? And my first trip to England resulted in Cath Kidston gifts for friends. My second trip (when I was living and studying there) resulted in a big new bag and an ID case for myself.
    I'm just excited they have an online store for America now!

  11. Cath Kidson is MASSIVE in Japan, they opened a store near us a few months back and it is always packed, personally I am more of a Miji fan, they have some great wooden toys which make good xmas gifts and we also have the Lego punch :o)

  12. Oh, such awesome finds! I think the buttons are my favorite. I can't wait to see what you make with all these amazing supplies!

  13. Cath Kidston stuff... some of the material is cute but the clothing / bags / accessories etc are too expensive as far as I'm concerned.

    Glad you like her stuff though. I did some temping for the call centre a while ago, nice place to work :)

  14. freddiefraggles, you're not kidding about the prices! Even this half meter of fabric was an indulgence, but there were lots of pretty things to look at!

  15. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Mollie, would you be able to take a picture of the underside of the buttons?


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