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snapshot saturday

making shoes

I'm home from England! Here's a photo from one of my friend Katie's favorite fabric shops...which I thought went well with this month's Elves and the Shoemaker story. I'll be back next week with some pretty pictures and stories to share!


  1. Where in England is this shop, and what's it called?
    (I'm in England and want to check it out!!)

  2. Hi Sara....it's called The Cloth House, and it's on Berwick Street in Soho, London. There are two branches (on the same street), this photo was taken in number 47 :)

  3. Welcome back! Rest up :)

  4. I love that shop! I kept walking by it during lunch hours and when I stepped inside for the first time, I wondered what took me so long! It's right next to my favourite tea shop, Yum Chaa. Did you go there by any chance? It's funny, if I had not been in Canada, I might have bumped into you!

  5. Ahh...that's so funy, Annika! We didn't go to the tea shop, and nearly didn't even stop in at The Cloth House, having already indulged in much shopping! I did fall in love with some floral seersucker, and all of the basic calico, muslin and canvas. Next time I visit, I'll come with special projects in mind and buy lots and lots...as well as stop for some tea.


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