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making envelopes

I was so excited the other day when a package arrived from far away. Inside was some pretty linen fabric, and this wood envelope template! Yes, there are templates for envelopes like this online, but this one is wood! It's cute!
I got to work making a bunch of little envelopes from papers that I had around. The old coloring/workbook pages were lots of fun because I could position certain pictures how I wanted them. But I think my favorite is the plain old tracing paper:
They are a bit large for my calling cards, but they reminded me of Pugly Pixel's cards, and I love those.

I have no idea what I'll start using all of these envelopes for, but I happen to know where there are a bajigglin' little cards that I once had printed up for my shop, so the two may meet for some sort of fun promotion...we shall see!


  1. I'm so glad I stopped by today. I've been wanting to make some envelopes. This is the perfect template.

  2. i want one tooo :D

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    OH, MOLLIE! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your envelopes and i gotta buy one of those templates. :D

  4. oh these are so fun! the fact that is wood makes it extra fun, i love it :]

  5. Your blog looks really pretty.

  6. I love making envelopes but I've never seen a wooden template! Awesome.

    ♥ sécia

  7. they are really, really pretty. good idea. and cute paper.

  8. What a sweet idea!

  9. This is a brilliant idea, and I have lots of scraps of material too!Perhaps big envelopes too or enhance a padded envelope for sales and gifts.Thank you Kat


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