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It finally happened. I joined Twitter. I'm still not entirely sure why, but I do know that Facebook sometimes bugs me, and I don't know that I'll be there forever. This is a possible substitute.

At any rate, I'm new to this, and am trying to get the hang of it quickly. If you have advice, I welcome it. If you want to follow me, here I am.


  1. hurrah!!
    I've been waiting for this day! :)

  2. i only joined a couple months ago as well. it sure is a strange thing to get the hang of. you have to find a balance between personal tweets and business/blog tweets.

    i like twitter because it's kind of like a mini bloglovin. it's basically quick little notes about cool or interesting things. you can get inspired really quickly, especially if you follow creative people!

    my twitter is: @isavirtue

  3. Honestly, at first I thought it was a waste of time, now I think I might even erase FB.

  4. I'm with the previous commenters, I'm about ready to erase my FB. I never check it anymore. I love all the support & positivity the sewing tweeters give each other. Welcome to Twitter. :)

    my twitter is @aprairiesunrise

  5. i don't do facebook, but i do tweet ...i like it because you can keep up with current events and current happenings in your interests (the craft world...) i love following witty people ;)

  6. I finally joined the FB and twitter thing. I am still learning it all but I am following you on twitter now.

  7. So glad you are on Twitter now! I am @InspiredRD. I have found Twitter to be useful for networking and fun to chat with others who are into crafting and whatever else you enjoy.


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