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make a tea pot card

Whether you are inviting people over for a party of your own, or just sending a hello, this project is a really lovely way to send some mail. And Mitzi, from Mitzi Makes, lives in England, so that makes her extra qualified to be contributing to a tea party, don't you think?
Today I wanted to share a tea party themed card I made recently. I save all my little fabric scraps and love to find a way to use them - appliqué is perfect for this but making it up tiny for a card means I can make the most of every last bit of fabric! Here's how to make one:
You'll need:
Fabric scraps (small pieces for the appliqué and a larger piece for the backing)
Scissors (sharp embroidery ones are good for tiny pieces!)
Blank card with an aperture (where you could insert a photo)
Bondaweb / Wonder Under / Fusible webbing for fabric
Double sided tape or glue to stick the finished piece in the card.

I started by drawing out a teapot (if you want you can use the template I've included!) Then I traced each section onto the paper side of the bondaweb using a pencil. Remember to leave some space between each section as you'll be using different fabrics.

Cut out some scraps of fabric to cover the shapes. It doesn't need to be neat but it needs to be enough to fully cover the shape and not have any of the bondaweb dangling over the side otherwise it will start glueing to your iron!

Now it's time for the iron. Make sure you attach the bondaweb to the reverse of your fabric.
Once the bondaweb is safely on, you can use your pencil lines to cut out the shapes exactly. I find this way so much easier when it comes to fiddly bits like the handle!
When you're happy with your cut out shapes (I test them out by arranging them first) you can peel off the paper backing and iron onto some backing fabric.
You're almost done! You can embellish it with stitching but I chose to leave mine plain. I like using double sided tape to fix the fabric in the aperture of the card. And now you're done!
Thank you, Mitzi! I hope, hope, hope that we get to meet up this fall! Oh, and would you please pass the sugar?


  1. Cute idea - I know many friends who would love a sweet card like this.

  2. How adorable! What a great idea! Thanks Mitzi for sharing :)


  3. this is so cute! and i think i have just the fabric to try it out :)

  4. I think I have to go and make this now...thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on May. 25, 2011. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks for including my project! And me too, I hope we get to meet up! Tea and biscuits will most definitely be provided :)

  7. Love this great idea. I love a good cup of tea and this would make a cute card to send a friend with a tea bag so they could also enjoy a cup of tea.


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